Daftar Genre Anime

4-koma, absurdity, action, adoption, adventure, afterschool club, agriculture, airship, alchemy, alcohol, aliens, alternate history, amnesia, android, androids, angel, angels, animals, animal welfarism, apocalypse, art, art club, artificial intelligence, assassins, augmented reality, auto racing, bands, baseball, based on video game, basketball, battleships, betrayal, bishojo, bishoujo, bishounen, blunted affect, BMX, body swap, body switch, body switching, bounty hunters, boys with guns, brothers, bullying, butler, butterflies, card games, cards, catgirls, character growth, childcare, clans, clones, college, coma, comedy, coming-of-age, computers, conspiracy, cooking, corruption, crime, crime busters, crime organizations, crime prevention, crossdressing, cruise ship, cultural adaptation, cyberpunk, cyborg, dark comedy, dating sims, death, deities, delinquents, delivery service, delusions, demon, demon girl, demon girls, demons, depression, detective, developing powers, diving, dolls, dragons, drama, dream, dreams, duels, dungeons, dystopia, dystopian, ecchi, economics, educational, elemental magic, entering adulthood, epidemic, eroge, erotica, espers, evil organization, exorcism, exorcist, exorcists, family, famous thief, fan service, fanservice, fantasy, farmers, Farting, fashion, fears, female warriors, feral spirit, fighting, first love, folklore, football, foxgirls, friends, friendship, fujoshi, future, futuristic, futuristic school, game, game adaptation, games, gangs, gender bender, gender switch, genetic enhancement, genetic weapons, genies, genocide, ghosts, girls with guns, god, goddess, goddesses, gods, gondolas, gore, Gothic Lolita, growing up, guilds, gunslinger, gynophobia, hardships, harem, heaven, hell, henshin, herald, high school, high speed chases, hikikomori, historical, Homunculi, horror, horse, horse racing, human experimentation, human weapon, hybrid robot, ice-skating, idol, idols, illusion, imouto, impregnation, incest, incest victim, iyashikei, kingdoms, knight, life after death, literature, living dolls, lolicon, loneliness, love, love polygon, love triangle, luck, mad bomber, mafia, mages, magic, magical beings, magical boy, magical creatures, magical girl, magical girlfriend, magical girls, magicians, maid, maids, male harem, manga, mangaka, marriage, martial artists, martial arts, mature people, mecha, medical doctors, medieval, mercenaries, merchants, mermaid, microbiology, middle school, military, military technology, mind control, misfortune, MMORPG, moe, monster, monster girls, monsters, mountain climbing, multiple personality, multiple protagonists, murder, music, mystery, mythical creatures, mythology, natural disaster, nature, navy, nazis, near future, neet, ninja, nurses, occult, online computer gaming, opera house, organized crime, orphan, orphans, otaku, other world, pandemic, parables, parallel universe, paranormal, parenting, parodies, parody, perversions, perverted female character, perverted female characters, pet monsters, photography, pirates, poetry, police, political factions, politics, poltergeist, post-apocalyptic, post-war, powerful creatures, powers, precognition, priests and priestesses, prison, psychics, psychological, Public servants, punk rock, real robot, reincarnation, relationships, religion, revenge, revolution, robot girl, robots, roller blades, romance, royalty, rugby, sacrifice, samurai, satire, saving the world, school, school club, school life, school war, sci-fi, science fiction, secret identity, secrets, seiyuu, sentai, serial murderer, shapeshifting, sherlock holmes, shikigami, shinigami, shinto, ship civilization, shogi, short movie, shoujo, shoujo-ai, shounen, shounen-ai, siblings, single parents, sister complex, slapstick, slavery, slice of life, sniper, soccer, social-networking, social hierarchy, social psychology, soul travel, space, space battles, space colonies, space navy, space opera, spaceships, space western, special abilities, spellcasters, spirits, spirit world, split personality, sport, sports, steampunk, strategic battles, strategic minds, strategic warfare, student council, suicide, superhero, superheroes, supernatural, superpowered weapons, superpowers, super robot, supersoldier, super virus, survival, survival game, survival horror, sword and sorcery, swordplay, taking care of a child, technological disparity, technology, terrorism, terrorists, theme park, therapy, thief, thriller, time travel, titans/giants, tournament, trading, tragedy, tragic past, traveling, troublesome kids, trumpeters, tsundere, twins, unrequited love, vampire, vampires, video games, violence, virtual reality, virus, voyeurism, war, war drama, western, witches, wolf girls, World War II, yakuza, yandere, yaoi, youkai, yuri